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Full Zanpakuto Entry by Ormagron Full Zanpakuto Entry by Ormagron
So apparently I actually need to combine all my pieces into a single one. Here is Taiyo mu Kimei, in a nutshell:

My entry for Zanpakuto-Club's "If you were a Zanpakuto" Contest. This zanpakuto suits me mainly due to its dual nature of both attacking and healing. I almost have dual personalities based on who I am around. This zanpakuto similarly acts differently to friend and foe. This was meant to have tide-changing abilities mainly due to me doing the same thing when I join my friends in a game of Warcraft III. His appearance is more or less how I'd like to appear. The release command is "Cleanse" because it both cleanses an opponent, and cleanses an ally's wounds. (Also, I couldn't get a proper translation of "Purge" online. The best I got was "Paji," which is basically Japanglish for "Purge")
The order of sealed state, shikai, bankai, and bankai abilities goes upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right

Name: Taiyo mu Kimei (Sun Bearer) 太陽無記名: Released by crossing sword and scabbard, which then make up the fan cases, as flames form the fan blades.
Initial Release:Joka, Taiyo mu Kumei (Cleanse, Sun Bearer) 浄化, 太陽無記名
Type: Healing, Fire type zanpakuto
Sealed State: A standard sword, with about three feet of blade. Similar in blade shape to a Katzbalger, a European sword. Hilt consists of four spikes 90 degrees apart from one another. Dark green handle. Scabbard is yellow with green "clouds", wrapped in rope at one end.
Spirit: Taiyo mu Kimei is tan, with white hair. He wears a kimono with red-orange-yellow leaves on it, and has a fan. He has four decorative ornaments floating about him, three discs on his body, and a crown, all of which are made of gold.
Appearance: Taiyo my Kimei takes on the form of a regular fan with six blades within the casing. Red flames design each blade. On either side of the casing is a golden disc.
Abilities: Nichi Tanken (Sun Dagger) 日短剣: When closed, the fan forms a blade of golden flame. This "blade" has two abilities; one, it passes through solid objects, making it impossible to block. Rather than cutting an opponent, it instead sears the body and burns a body inside and out. The second ability is the reverse of the first, it heals allies of their wounds. These two abilities are separated by the wielders distinction between friend and foe.
Taiyo no Kyofu (Solar Gale) 太陽の強風: When swung when open, a "wind" of golden flame is produced that is directed by the wielder. Multiples flames can be sent out at once and controlled to surround or converge on a point. These flames have similar properties as the blade of Nichi Tanken.
Lastly, the shikai form is capable of growing to about four feet in height, magnifying its powers, but making it bulkier and slower. Taiyo mu Kimei's main weakness in its shikai form is that the only defensive property it has is the actual fan case, as the flames are incapable of affecting solid objects. They can however, affect kido and spiritual power, and can cut or stop such things.
Bankai: Taiyo no Kanmuri mu Kimei (Crown of the Sun Bearer)太陽の冠 無記名
Appearance: The fan expands and grows to large proportions. The outer case parts form two "shields" on either side of a group of six giant blades formed from the six of its shikai form. The two casings are held together by parchment and a golden disc with sic rings. On the outermost sides are two discs that absorb spiritual energy and add it to the bankai.
Abilities: Taiyo mu Kimei reappears in its sealed state, along with the giant bankai. The sword is what is used to control the giant floating parts of the bankai. Each blade is composed of condensed golden flame, and is thus capable of producing golden flame. The bankai can take on any shape the wielder desires, be it a circular halo, a triangle, or a linear spear. The blades are all under remote control and can be launched at an opponent, while the black cases are shields against both physical and spiritual attacks. They can also be used to bash nearby enemies. Unlike its shikai, the new blades are capable of cutting solid objects due to the mass energy condensed in each blade. This does not make it any easier to block them however. The blades again are able to differentiate between friend and foe. Any foe is cut and burned simultaneously, creating a "seared" wound (like a lightsaber cut). Any ally touched by a blade absorbs the flames, healing their wounds in proportion to how much flame is absorbed. The blade sizes are a direct reflection of the users spiritual energy.
Abilities: Hengoku no Hi no Kaku (Horns of the Heavenly Sun) 天国の日の角: Seen in the lower left and upper right corners, the bankai takes upon a formation that blocks the sides and forms a deadly wall of blades in front. This attack involves a kind of charge like a bull, ramming through everything in its path, and is often used on the front lines.
Tengoku no Taiyo no Tsume (Claws of the Heavenly Sun) 天国の太陽の爪: Seen in the lower right corner, this form is merely about focusing and magnifying the blades abilities, multiplying its offensive and healing power. The entire bankai form is condensed into a giant sword, and the individual blades combine their power into a single blow. The range of the blades also increases, giving the wielder a six meter range of golden flame around himself. This form is for dealing with large opponents and allows the wielder to use his/her swordsmanship skills, as opposed to remote controlling the blades.

These are the separate pieces:
Taiyo mu Kimei:[link]
Bankai Abilities:[link]
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DuskWrencher Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011
Kemmasandi Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, bright colours, and great drawing! It sounds like an interesting zanpaku-to... and wow, you even put the kanji in! Good luck on the contest!
Ja-Kitsu-Ryou Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Really nice idea, and I like the design. Good luck on the contest! :D
kuchiki-kikyou Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010
OMG looks great, you're gonna win ;_;
Ormagron Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011
i lost T_T
kuchiki-kikyou Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
What? Lies! I didn't end up seeing the results. Who won? ;A;
Ormagron Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011
hell i dont even remember. i just remember i was bummed
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